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Nanomaterials and in particular nano-metals, represent a new class of materials, where ever-smaller length scales (<100 nm) impart altered and novel properties relative to the bulk material. Two challenges in this area are (i) control of the chemical and atomic structure of the nanometal and (ii) control of reactivity towards agglomeration and oxidation. Nanomaterials research at ZVNM focuses on both these challenges through the synthesis and assembly of new hard and soft particulate matter, approaching sizes as small as 2 nm (about 240 atoms). Whether created from self-assembly, chemical vapor deposition, solvothermal synthesis, or nanofabrication, these nanometals are poised to enable great advances in the areas of: solar cells,photonics, plasmonics,  fuel cells, optical computing, biological science, catalysis, biomass conversion, and smart materials.

ZVNM  works in conjunction with business partners to custom-tailor colloidal nano particle dispersions for their application-specific needs. Product specifications might include, for example, such factors as: metals concentration as percent solids, specific nano-metal particle size, size-frequency distribution, colloidal dispersion viscosity and surface tension. Due to the native metal's reactivity towards oxygen, we prefer to provide organic dispersing agents as the continuous phase  rather than aqueous media.  A variety of  metal composition are available from the following transition metals: Ti, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn and Sn. These metals, their binary and ternary compositions can be alloyed in various ratios or spatially structured, as in the case of core-shell architectures. 

ZVNM is a product company focussed on selling an evolving  range of standard products.

However, ZVNM also interested in will work clients to harness the power of the nano revolution in metals coatings and additive manufacture for your special application. Terms and conditions of engagement are flexible and can be structured to meet the customer's particular needs.

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